Remarketing Campaign and its advantages

When it comes to having a successful business, we can’t help but talk about your digital marketing strategy. Your strategy must include a remarketing campaign that allows your website to drive quality traffic. We have several tools that will help you manage this part of your online strategy.

First thing’s first: What is remarketing?

Remarketing consists of creating personalized ad campaigns (usually display) for those users who have previously visited your website or other content.

The basic concept of remarketing is to reach users who already know your brand or your products and who, therefore, have many more opportunities to convert. It is about creating several tools more and more personalized, encouraging the user to advance through the conversion funnel.

The most popular remarketing tool in the current market is Google ads, which can be summarized in three steps:

–       The user visits our website or utilizes content from our brand.

–       The user is marked with a cookie and added to a remarketing list whose parameters we have previously defined.

–       An ad campaign is conducted targeting the list that only the users that are part of it can see it.

Desired results

For a remarketing campaign, it is important to limit the frequency with which ads are shown. You want to make sure that your message arrives… but not to overwhelm your potential customers. Use the frequency limitation tools and make sure you have the number of hits per user.

Do not be afraid to create different lists. Remember: personalization is key. Users visit your website for different reasons and are interested in different things, so the more you target them, the more you can get it right.

Create specific lists for users who have already bought you. If you create a special list for users who have seen the end page of an order, you can directly contact your customers. Treat them with discounts and promotions and make them feel special.

Experiment, measure, and repeat: you have a lot of analysis tools for your remarketing campaign so use them! Establish regular controls, look at the options that give better results and see introducing changes based on them. With a little practice and patience, you’re sure to get the ideal remarketing campaign for your goals.


Maximum customization of your audience. Customizing remarketing lists offers endless options that you can take advantage of. Basically, there are two decisive factors with which you can play: the action taken by the users (for example, visit page X) and the time elapsed since the action. This way, you can capture users with different interests and at different moments of the purchase cycle and thus offer them maximum customization.

Extension of the scope. As we have already seen, the Google display network has more than two million web pages and applications. Other retargeting tools, such as Facebook Ads, also offer truly impressive range figures. You can reach the users potentially interested in your brand, wherever they are.

A reminder of your brand. How many times have we visited a web page and then forgotten about it? With remarketing, you can make sure you stay in the memory of your visitors and potential customers and gradually feed your relationship with them. Always adapting to the stage of the process in which they are.

Adaptation to your marketing objectives. Thanks to the different list creation options, user acquisition sites, and sites where the ads are displayed, remarketing allows you to adapt to a wide variety of situations and objectives.

Increase in conversions. This model makes it possible to reach users when they are more likely to convert since they have already demonstrated their interest in the brand. By selecting the sites where the ads are displayed. We can achieve maximum customization of the contact points to achieve a greater impact. You will see how your CTRs improve!

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