Find out what is Google Remarketing and the strategies that work best

The question about what is Google remarketing is very common in the online business world. Some people might think that this a difficult term to learn but it is easier than they might expect. Google remarketing is one of the many ways that Google Ads offer its users to advertise through the platform.

The way it works is, once a user has visited your site, Google shows your ads on other sites to users who have visited your website. This way, you can convince someone who visited your site but is not sure if they should buy your products.

Where to start

Just like many Google Ads tools, this one needs an email account through the platform. Once you’ve signed up, you will be able to access the tool and start optimizing your campaigns. The tool is also able to generate reports so that you can check the number of visitors and how many of them the campaign is actually reaching out to.

Once you have created your first Google ads remarketing campaign, you will be able to start targeting the users who have already visited your website. You can also reach out to new potential customers without adding the ones who have already visited your website given that it does cost a bit more to do so.

One of the advantages that this tool provides is that it allows you to create banner ads for this purpose. Through the tool, you will be able to create display ads that contain images, text, videos and other media. It will basically customize your ads for you.

There are pre-existing templates that you will be able to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your template, you will be able to customize it according to the contents of your campaign. This will be a great way to start learning more about what is Google remarketing and taking advantage of what the platform offers.

Other relevant tips

Does your business have an app? If it does, then this could potentially help you reach out to more customers. The way this works is very similar to how it works on the website. The app will be able to detect when a customer has used your app and use that data to display ads when they are surfing through the Internet.

There is a variety of platforms where you are able to display your ads: Gmail, YouTube, Display Network, Apps, and so on. Within the tool, you will be able to customize these options and allow your business to remarket through these platforms.

Plan for the future

We recommend that you set your objectives in a thorough plan. This will help you follow up on your campaigns and deadlines. Keeping up with your tasks is important in order to have a successful website. This is important because once you start creating your remarketing strategy; you will have an agenda so that all ideas are considered.

Follow through to your plan and keep track of your campaigns. Of course, you will be able to modify them as you consider but remember to add those modifications to your plan. Perhaps keeping tabs on your Google Calendar might help you out.

Consider passing by our Synapse Ads blog, where you will be able to find more information about how to structure your campaigns, creating display ads and many more of the Google gadgets that are out there. Additionally, if you are looking to optimize your campaign by using more accurate keywords, perhaps our Keyword Mixer might support your online marketing strategy.


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