Tips and recommendations on how to advertise through Google Display


As you may already know, there are lots of tools that Google offers to support your business needs. One of these tools is Google Display, which is different from the Google Search tool, and we will get to that later on in the text. Google Display will advertise your products and help you find the right audience.

Through the Google Display network it is quicker and convenient to advertise your business. You do not need to be an expert in advertising or marketing in order to use this tool. You will get all the benefits as everyone else by using it.

What is it?

The Google Display tool is where you advertise your products by displaying them on a site with a banner and images that will drive the audience to their site. It is important to know that the difference between Google Search and Google Display is that the Google Search tool shows text Ads that businesses place in the search engine results, whereas Google Display shows images across different sites.

By taking advantage of the Google Display tool you will be able to display your ads in several sites that are relevant to the purpose of your business. This assures that the audience that is clicking on your ad and being drive to your site are people who are interested in your products and will most likely surf though the website for a while.

Types of Google Display Ads

  1. Responsive Display ads– it offers a partially automated option, which is through responsive ads. These ads are optimized by Google in a user friendly way. The tool has the option for you to add text, images, and your company’s logo, these will be grouped by the tool and optimize the ad according to your company’s business purpose and needs.
  2. Engagement ads– this is an option that chooses an engaging image and run across the Display Network as well as on YouTube.
  3. Gmail Ads– advertises your company to users in platforms such as YouTube and across the Display Network.
  4. Uploaded image ads– you will be able to upload ads as images in different sizes that you create.

Why use Google Display

It is always a plus to advertise your products with images. Some people’s attention can be captured quicker when they look at images. You will be able to engage with your existing customers and find new ones that will within the right audience. the Search Network is able to reach people that are already interested in specific products or services, which is how your audience of new customers will be within the right target.

It is also important to know that you can always measure how the tool is working for you. The Google Display network is able to measure your results and tell you which websites are running your ads and which ones are delivering the most results.

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