Optimize your commercial growth with these PPC and SEM tools

When it comes to viewing job offers, material in different courses or articles on Google ads, it is very common to find the word SEM or SEM tools referring to the optimization of payment results or advertising in the Google search network, but SEM does not refer solely and exclusively to pay-per-click search campaigns

Advertising through SEM is a fantastic way to give visibility to your business on the Internet, as it is characterized by being direct, controllable, flexible and often very effective. All these features allow you to test and eliminate them quickly if they do not work.

There are important tools that help us advertise through PPC as well, but we will get there in a moment. First, we will focus in optimizing your SEM tools.

SEM tools

SEM comes from the acronym in English Search Engine Marketing, which it literally means ‘marketing in search engines’ (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc). Marketing means all those actions that position our product in the minds of our potential customers with the purpose of obtaining something in return (buy our product, hire our services, subscribe to our newsletter, etc).

The actions that can be performed in search engines to be able to present our products or services are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click).

Analyzing our competition is one of the most relevant points when we start a new account or open a new segment within SEM tools. However, it is very easy to end up leaving it aside, focus on our own data and account optimization and forget that what our competition is doing affects us directly.

The objective in making a Competitive Analysis should not be to copy the strategy of our competitor but to review what their sales arguments are and where their strategy is heading. This way, we will ask ourselves questions such as: does the competition offer a benefit that we can improve? Are they attacking a niche that had escaped us? As I said, the idea is not to copy what our competition is doing, but to explore what points we could improve when setting up our strategy.

PPC tools

The easiest way to explain what PPC is its through an example: if your company wants to advertise on the Internet, you start a campaign in some web platform through PPC mode, so that each time a user clicks on your ad, you are deducted a specific amount of money; the price paid for each user who enters your website through this ad is called Cost Per Click (CPC). The idea is to buy visits to the site that you want to promote instead of waiting for them to arrive organically. The purpose is to get new customers for your products or services, looking to increase sales. The important thing is that it will only be paid when the ad is actually clicked. If it was only deployed and did not get results, the cost will be zero.

The main advantage is that it is a type of direct marketing, where only real results are paid, that is when a user clicks on the ad. In addition, in the case of platforms such as Google ads, we can locate our products directly in front of people who are looking for them, users with a high possibility to buy.

PPC marketing reveals important information about the effectiveness of an ad: it is easy to measure the attention and interest that is generated through the number of clicks made on the deployments or impressions that have been obtained. The campaign can last a short time and if something does not work, it is always allowed to make changes on the fly, optimizing the ads and adjusting the budget.

PPC should be part of our SEM tools and digital marketing strategy. It is important that we have a clear vision of what our business goal is taking us. The point is to have a clear understanding of the purpose that each tool serves.

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