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If you want to achieve success in the modern era, your business must have a well structured website. It is imperative that your organization has a website with relevant content that will tell the audience what your business is about. It is also important that you know how to drive traffic to your website that will draw attention to the correct audience. So, don’t stress out if you don’t know how to drive traffic to your website creatively because we will help you with the following information.


Update your blog posts or content by thinking about what your audience wants to see. These texts will more likely obtain more views if you add images that entice people to click through over to your site. A useful idea is to create articles with numbers in the titles. These are called ‘list articles’, which in essence, are articles written as lists. Numbers get more attention and this will likely get your article to obtain more clicks and shares.

Another creative way on how to drive traffic to your website is by updating posts with LSI keywords. These types of keywords compare the relationship between different terms and concepts. They are keywords that signal to Google if the page covers the correct topic really well as it has words that are related to what the essence of what the business is. For instance: if your business is about ‘interior design’ this should be accompanied by other words such as ‘living room, kitchen, bedroom’ and so on.

Social Media

Use Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Add images to your tweets and posts that people will feel attracted to and that it reflects your content. Make sure to find the best blog posts that you have written for your site and start moving them in order to get more views. Referring back to the initial question on ‘how to drive traffic to your website creatively’ this is the creative and modern way to do it. If an audience that is driven through Social Media, like your content, then they will more likely recommend it to a friend. This will move the traffic on your site.

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Improve your click through rate (CTR). In order to be able to obtain a better Click Through Rate, you may optimize your content by making it more enticing. You can check through your SEO how many clicks is your site obtaining and optimize your content. Once your CTR improves, Google will likely take notice of this and improve your ranking since its objective is to show the more relevant results to searchers.


Speed up your website. It depends on your sticking points but Google has a tool that is called ‘PageSpeed Tool’. Within this tool, you can type your site’s URL into the PageSpeed Insight and it will show you how it ranks from 0 to 100 and what you can improve. This is an excellent exercise that will also help you optimize your website from both the desktop and mobile views.

Another tip on how to drive traffic to your website is by embedding internal links to your content. Links are very important when it comes to improving your website. People will read through your text and be motivated to click on a keyword with an embedded link that will redirect them to an internal web description of that reference. This will help the audience understand your content as well as your business’ purpose and also spend more time surfing through your site.

It is always important to keep in mind that these tips on how to drive traffic to your website will boost your ranking with Google as well. They will be alerted if your website if having more clicks and it will bring it to the top of the search engine. Always try to include this on your marketing strategy in a creative way and never forget to update yourself with new ways on how to top your website.

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