Learn How to use Google Ads with these easy steps

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Setting up Google Ads is a new way to optimize your business. Your digital marketing strategy should be supported by the skills you learn once you know how to use Google Ads, which will boost your website searches.

We want to show you how easy and convenient it is to optimize your campaigns for your e-commerce products. This will support your digital marketing strategy and will also help you understand a bit more about the digital world of business and marketing.

1. Campaign Settings

The first step to learn how to use Google ads is to create a Google account. You should open up an email account that is under the Google Ads platform, that way you will be able to access all of the features to create your campaign.

The platform consists of having several options in order for you to create, optimize and search for terms, among other choices, that will elevate your chances of building the best campaign for your business.

In order to learn how to use Google Ads in a friendly way, the platform organizes your campaigns by goals: sales, leads and website traffic. This way you are able to align the campaign according to your business goals. You may also select the ways you’d like to reach your goals organizing them by: website visits, phone calls, store visits and app downloads.

Afterwards, you may name your campaign and select the network in which you’d like your campaign to be displayed. Targeting audiences are also important, which is why you have the option to select the location where you’d like the Ad to be displayed. Language and audience are part of the scope as well.

Budgeting and bidding will support your campaign goals. This section is about defining how much you want to spend and how you want to spend it. You may budget as much as you’d like from one dollar to any amount that you may see fit. In the bidding process you may select conversions or manual bidding.

Ad extensions are also a part of this step. This selection may help you get up to 15% higher click rates by sharing additional information on your ads. The most common extensions include: contact us, shipping & returns, discounts and so on.

2. Set up Ad Groups

In the process of learning how to use Google Ads, this is the part where we add and select the keywords that will work best and bring the most traffic to your site. An ad group contains one or more ads and a set of related keywords. To obtain the best results, you should focus all the ads and keywords in an ad group on one product or service.

Keyword research may vary depending on which product you are selling. It is always recommended to test out one keyword and also long tail keywords to find out which one obtains the cheapest cost per click for each keyword.

3. Create Ads

This is an area that focuses on the name and context of your campaign. The recommendation here for each ad group is to create at least three ads that will relate to the keywords of your choosing.

How to use Google Ads with this step is critical. In this section you may get creative by adding the appropriate headline. The headline that will relate to your keywords is what customers will search for and be drawn to once they look at your website. You want to make sure that your ad shows something that the person is searching for.

4. Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation from the platform once it is all set.

As you have seen, learning how to use Google Ads campaigns for your e-commerce products can be easy and cost efficient to help optimize your marketing strategy and get the best out of all Google products.

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