Answering the question: How to Advertise your business on Google


The world is evolving and with it comes the digitalization of multiple areas. One of the areas that have been in constant evolution is the world of Digital Marketing, which encompasses Google Ads and Google My Business, this is important to people, especially if you own a business.

Companies that are in constant search for ways to optimize their marketing strategy are always looking for innovation in the digital aspect, so if you are wondering how to advertise your business on Google, you can obtain great results by following the advice we will give you next.

There are several steps that we recommend you in order to fully utilize the Google My Business platform in order to obtain the best results in your digital marketing strategy. We know that when a consumer searches for a term or a word, Google will show the results that are most relevant to that phrase. If you want to advertise your business on Google and your business has a website that you would want to show up in the main page of the search, you will have to use the most relevant keywords to the business.

Tips on How to Advertise your business on Google

One of the recommendations that get the best results when it comes to advertising your business on Google is to have a website with complete and accurate information. This is key when it comes to directing potential customers to the correct path. It is important that you make sure to write the correct name of the business, address and phone number. They all have to match what you have on your website. This will help customers and potential clients click on the correct business (which is your business).


Google My Business platform organizes your business by categories in order for the ads to be more relevant and exact. The primary category is where you make sure to only list highly relevant keywords for your business. Engagement rates play a role.  If your categories are not relevant, people will click on your website and find out that it is not what they are looking for and will go back to the search. Primary categories describe what your business actually does so make sure it is correct.

Images are important

Another recommendation that we have in order to advertise your business on Google is to add relevant images to your website that describe the purpose of your business. Images are important, the more the merrier. Ideas for images can be to add your business’ exterior and interior photos, product photos, and so on. It is important that you keep great interaction with your customers and persuade them to take pictures and upload them in Google with the location and accurate information about your business.

Boost your page’s Reviews

Reviews are important as well. Make sure that when you advertise your business on Google, you invite people to add reviews online. Reviews are most likely the first thing that people will see when they Google your business. Positive reviews are competitive and very relevant. Make sure to make that a core part of your business strategy. One of the great advantages that Google has is that it scans reviews from other pages such as Facebook or Yelp and pulls them so that potential customers can read how great your business is.


Citations are important as well when you advertise your business on Google. Google identifies citations in two ways: structured and unstructured. Structured citations are identified from sources that have them as a set format and it verifies them across other sites as mentioned above. Unstructured reviews are local media or local bloggers mentioning your business. Obtaining lots of citations that are relevant for your business is very helpful for your page ranking.

What about SEO?

In order to advertise your business on Google, there are two variants; with regular SEO you are strengthening the ranking of your website and with Google My Business you will rank your business entity. That is why there is more of a holistic scope of how your business is performing as a whole rather than only looking at the ranking of your site. With a good solid website your business will rank positively. Integrating all other variants will play a positive role and high ranking of your site.

If you have been looking for recommendations, you may have already seen that there are several answers for the initial question: How to Advertise your business on Google. Our recommendation is that you focus on your online marketing strategy. As the world is evolving and digital platforms are your business support, we recommend you advertise your business on Google following the aforementioned easy tips that will guide you through your online business success.


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