Conversion optimizer in Google ads and how it works

Conversion Optimizer is a feature of Google ads, designed to make the process easier for advertisers. It is a tool that analyzes all ads and tells you which are more likely to be profitable, to obtain more clicks and the conversion rate that they will get.

The operation of this useful tool is simple. Review all the conversions achieved by different campaigns that an advertiser has previously done in Google ads and, from there, extract the audience data and their interaction rate. Then, make the appropriate adjustments and suggestions to get the conversion rate of each ad to see which is higher and closer to your objectives. In addition to this, make an adjustment in the CPC so that there is greater profitability.

Since the arrival of this tool, it has become one of the most important allies of advertisers and, of course, small, medium and large brands. It is one of those improvements that evolve with time and that makes the advertising platform of this Internet giant one of the most recommended.

What is it for?

The Conversion Optimizer has quite a lot of benefits for an avid advertiser. It makes your ads more profitable, that is, that your cost is adjusted to the most appropriate CPC and that, in addition, the conversion rate increases.

It is a tool that helps companies make their work within Google ads much easier and you are more likely to achieve the objectives set within your digital marketing strategy. Additionally, it reduces costs and improves results, as we have already explained.

Obtain all conversions on multiple possible devices in Google Ads

Consider implementing more extensive conversion windows (up to ninety days) if it is appropriate for your company.

Why: In general, users who conduct research across multiple devices take more time to generate conversions than those who use a single device.

Enable conversion tracking for multiple accounts (if appropriate based on the structure of your account).

Why: The structure of the account should not limit its level of visibility on several devices. Conversions from multiple accounts allow you to obtain information about the interactions that users of several devices have with you in different accounts.

Implement the same conversion tag on your site for desktop computers as for mobile devices; also, adopt conversion tracking in the application.

Why: In order to measure conversions on different devices and determine if they come from applications or browsers, you must implement the relevant tracking methods.

Avoid using conversion tags that are only activated in certain situations.

Why: Multi-device tracking has the best performance when it captures as many conversions as possible. If the Google Ads tag is activated only in certain situations, the statistics obtained may be limited.

Design your applications and sites for mobile devices and desktop computers to facilitate actions from several devices.

Why: The client’s journey varies according to its context. If a user can not generate conversion from the device he uses at any given time, let him save the progress easily to generate the conversion at another time.

In Synapse Ads, we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We also offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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