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Google Ads Traffic Estimator help you determine how different offers may change the weekly performance of your ads. The common traffic estimators show you how the modifications in your CPC bid could change the cost or number of clicks, impressions, conversions, and conversion value that your ads might have had for your keyword or ad group. You can find them in the Ad groups and Keywords tabs. The Campaign Bid Estimator shows you how changes to your campaign bids could affect the performance of that campaign. You can find it in the Campaigns tab.

The Shopping Campaign Traffic Estimator shows you how some changes in your offer could have affected the performance of your product group. You can find it in the Product Groups tab.

The bid-by-device adjustment estimator shows you how changes in your bid adjustment per device could affect your ad’s performance on different devices.

How do Traffic Estimators work?

Traffic Estimators collect and analyze data from the ad auctions on the Search Network and the Display Network but take into account information such as Quality Score, keyword traffic and competition in the ad bid. The tools use this information to calculate how your ads would have performed against key metrics, such as cost, impressions, clicks, and conversion volume.

Remember that Traffic Estimators do not predict the future, but provide statistics on how different offers might have affected the performance of your ads during the past seven days. For instance, if you believe that the performance of your ad could change significantly in the coming weeks, you should use the Bid Estimator data carefully when choosing your offers.

You can calculate the results of your large-scale bid using the Google Ads API (AdWords API).

How to use Traffic Estimators to get conversion rates

If you use conversion tracking for the Google Ads Traffic Estimator, it will help you understand the number of conversions your ads could have if you had other offers. In the Search Network, if you assigned values ​​to the conversions (or if you set conversion values), you can check the conversion value approximate to get an idea of ​​what this value would be if you had set different bids.

Consider this information before using your Traffic Estimator:

Conversion definitions: Conversions not only depend on interactions with the ads, such as clicks, but also on the actions that customers perform on your site. This can also hinder your prediction.

Changes in conversion tracking: Removing or moving the conversion tracking tag could invalidate the estimates. Do not make major changes to the conversion tracking code for at least two weeks before using the Traffic Estimators for conversion rate and conversion value.

Delayed conversions (search traffic): The estimators count the conversions that may have been recorded during the simulation period (usually, the last seven days). For instance, if a click occurred during the simulation period but the conversion was not recorded until after this period, the estimator would not count the conversion. Keep in mind that conversions could be recorded up to 90 days after each interaction, which will depend on the chosen conversion window.

Lack of conversion data: Generally, there are fewer conversion data than click or impression data when calculating these calculations, so conversions can be more difficult to estimate. If your account does not normally get a large number of conversions, we may not have enough information to generate a conversion estimate. The more extensive the history and the more conversions obtained, the more accurate the estimates will be.

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