How to search for keywords in Google and what they are


Searching for online keywords is now more common than ever. Keyword research is a term that refers to the study of the word that best describes the content of a page. Keywords can be a  single word or phrase, which will generate more hits to your site. Keywords results mean two different things, for the user and for the business owner, for this reason, it is important to know how to search for keywords on Google.

User Experience

How to search for keywords from the user perspective can be tricky. We recommend that your main keyword should be a phrase (also called long tail keywords) in order to complete the idea of what you are looking for. If you are searching for one general item then your keyword should be just the word of that particular item, however, if your goal is to find something more specific, then the best thing to do would be to search for a keyword phrase. For instance: if you are looking for ‘cupcake recipes’ your search will hit results for only recipes related to cupcakes. On the other hand, if you search for ‘cupcakes’ it will widen up the results to a broader spectrum.

Some keyword phrases can be more specific the longer they are, but if they are too long the message could get lost. The recommendation is always to use a phrase in order to be specific but not over do it, this way you can obtain better results without the hassle of going to the wrong places on the web.

Business Owner experience

How to search for keywords from the business owner perspective can benefit your online marketing strategy. By optimizing your website with the use of the right keywords you could obtain better and more traffic thus generating more hits. With SEO you need to use the right words that customers are looking for in order to bring high traffic to your website.

How many keywords? Your content should be easy to read. The keyword density that you should use on your text shouldn’t crowd your content. Make sure that your keywords are balanced throughout the text.

Make sure that you fine tune your search results in the back end of your website so that the right audience can reach you. Using the wrong keywords may have you ending up with the wrong audience or no audience at all.

Google has the tools to help your business succeed. The Google Keyword Planner is a platform that helps you organize your business’ keywords and support your marketing strategy.

The keyword planner allows you to organize your campaign per items. It helps you find the keywords that are most relevant to your campaign and pull an analysis of the phrases that people are searching most for that keyword. It ranks the data by relevance, competition and range per your own interest.

Having access to Google Keyword Planner

How to search for keywords in Google is easier than you think. You only need to open up a Gmail account  -if you don’t already have one- and open a Google Ads account. Set it up and surf through the platform and select the Keyword Planner.

Whether you are trying to set up a small ad campaign or a large one, it can be cost effective the fact that you don’t have to spend much on it. You can even start by spending a dollar and have access to all the gadgets that the platform has. A marketing strategy with a structured budget will help you organize yourself even more and obtain better results on how to search keywords on Google.

The planner can create a group of keywords that you need to search and add them into your ‘In Account’ tab as highlight for a specific campaign. What this does is organize your plan per keyword in order to assign the keyword to the strategy that you select for each one.

We think that how to search keywords is becoming more popular amongst the audience from the business owner perspective. If you follow these tips you may be able to bring the right audience to your site and help your business stand up in the high rankings of Google.

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