3 ways to achieve success in SEM campaigns with quality data

Quality or quantity is the most common dichotomy in the world of search engines. Data is used to measure performance, establish objectives and direct decision making for SEM campaigns or paid searches.

If you work with SEM campaigns, you know that data is everything. Data measures value allows defining strategies and increasing performance. It is the driving force behind the working results in digital marketing. However, data by itself does not automatically represent an element to increase value and improve performance. The key to all operations is quality data.

It should be considered:

For instance, an athlete needs quality food to have energy and grow muscles. If the athlete eats foods with high sugar content or simple carbohydrates and other additives for a long time, their performance will be affected. Most likely, it will be slower and weaker. Even losing microseconds benefits your competition.

The same applies to the way key decisions are made when running a large-scale SEM campaign. When defining and executing a bid strategy, no decision is more important than the analysis and selection of quality data, that is the key.

Advanced optimization strategies, which nourish accurate forecasts and activate key knowledge, need data. All this helps to provide a more relevant and valuable experience for the client and drives the optimization techniques that increase the income and the return of the investment in the SEM campaigns.

What causes failure to meet goals in terms of performance?

Typically, it is reduced to incomplete data that leads to bad decisions.

In other words: without good data, no matter how sophisticated the algorithms for optimization techniques applied to an SEM campaign are, performance will not reach its maximum potential.

What is the general opinion?

The lack of a complete and unified data set is a significant challenge for most SEM campaigns.

However, solutions that can capture and take advantage of the right data can have a significant impact on the success of any SEM campaign.

Here are 3 ways in which quality data helps you achieve success in SEM campaigns:

1. Data in SEM campaigns: higher profits and ROI Currently, data has the ability to drive business improvement.

By measuring, tracking and analyzing past performance data, smarter decisions can be made to find better results in the present. In fact, certain basic categories of data that most companies already have can be applied directly to increase the ROI of SEM campaigns.

Search teams can empower the most intelligent and profitable bid decisions by linking: Analytical data of web and mobile tracking solutions. Offline data from call centers or CRM platforms. Inventory and capacity systems that track supply constraints in real time. Contextual data back to the SEM data.

Search teams can empower the most intelligent and profitable bid decisions by linking:

–       Analytical data of web and mobile tracking solutions.

–       Offline data from call centers or CRM platforms.

–       Inventory and capable systems that track supply constraints in real time.

–       Contextual data back to the SEM data.

Large SEM campaigns cannot achieve maximum performance without leveraging this type of data. A unified data set also provides information about the depth of your prospects in the conversion funnel. In addition, it can illustrate the valuable milestones of the client’s journey.

Many clicks do not see conversions for at least 30 days. But a unified data set can provide information about other stages of the buyer that predicts the value.

On the contrary, SEM campaigns that do not have maximum performance should check the mechanics of the data in search of opportunities.

First, you must verify if the current solution is capturing and driving all the data that measure and influence the funnel.

Achieving maximum performance is difficult. To get there, you need to invest in a platform that does two things:

Collect the correct quality data. Apply this data to sophisticated algorithms to automate the optimization of the offers at scale. In order to use the data properly in the SEM campaigns, apart from the platform you must know the 10 tools for a successful PPC campaign.

2. Historical context in SEM campaigns: data for better decision making

What happens if you just deployed a new bidding platform? Minimize everything common and the expensive “learning period about the bidding system”. Equally important is the quality of the data you enter in the new platform.

If you do not integrate the historical data into the SEM campaigns, your team could face problems to see the most profitable strategies. For this reason, when the time comes to establish budgets and take the new forecasts for the second quarter campaigns it is necessary to make use of the historical context, this way they will be more prepared and informed.

3. Be different from the competition

In the beginning, we established that high-performance athletes should feed well to perform successfully; quality data represents the food for SEM campaigns.

Quality data drives the techniques and capabilities to achieve success in the bidding solution. These features allow advertisers to achieve maximum performance and beat the competition.

Take the forecast and modeling of scenarios as an example. Although predicting the future is not new to the industry, the prediction is much more accurate when it is fed with reliable and complete data.

The algorithmic output is enhanced (or limited) directly by the depth of the data. Capturing all available data points will provide a better understanding of a click at any point in the process. This allows modeling the future of that click. (Even when you consider a delay of days or weeks to mature and become a sale.)

Also, automating the adjustments to the audience bid is another example of an advanced bid technique. The status quo determines that humans must be trusted to define segments, collect and analyze the data. Then they have to try to apply the correct settings to the audience’s offer.

Overall, the “human versus machine” approach or idea is not new. Historically teams that work with SEM campaigns have been responsible for performance and tactics. Today, technology offers the ability to go far beyond what humans can achieve on their own. This represents the best of both worlds: humans and machines.

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