Automatic keyword generator: does it support all my business needs?

The search for keywords represents a fundamental part of any inbound marketing strategy. Determine the keywords that represent an opportunity and their respective long queues offers us a platform in which we can subsequently develop our favorite strategy to generate content and also decide which automatic keyword generator should be used.

Is it worth analyzing keywords?

Maybe you think that it is not worth wasting research time on keywords, because “they are what they are”. But this is not the case, there are always some keywords more profitable than others in any niche that you are trying to position yourself.

The analysis and selection of our key phrases will determine almost all the steps that you will follow on your website. From the choice of the domain (although not always) to going through the contents and continuing with your link strategy.

That is why it is worthwhile to make this effort at the beginning because you will not like discovering that the keywords you have chosen do not give you visits, or attract the wrong visitors.

When choosing your key phrases it is better to focus on a specific topic: avoid falling into the temptation to “tell everything” or to “position everything”.

It is also a good idea to analyze your competitors to find out which are the key phrases they compete for. In doing so, you expand your list of Keywords and learn more about your niche and the type of Keywords that are positioned in the first results.

Start with generic Keywords

To start improving your site with your automatic keyword generator, start by writing down everything that you think is related to your website or your business.  Do not discard anything at this time, it is about generating ideas to develop them later.

To start, we recommend that you manage your lists of Keywords with Google spreadsheets because they allow you to perform sorting and filtering operations.

You can create your own custom method to create lists of Keywords (it is recommended) or follow these steps:

  •   Ask your friends, colleagues, and family, how they would search your website, product or service.
  •   If you have a business that sells a recognized brand, write down the brand and its derivatives.
  •   The same if you sell a specific product.
  •   Discard the Keywords that have nothing to do with your product or service.

As a general rule, and especially if you sell a product or service, it is better to choose phrases that suggest an action.

A good way to debug your list of Keywords is to try to think as if you were an anonymous visitor to your website:

Think of what you would expect to find as a visitor that comes to your website through a specific Keyword. Think about if this user would be the one you need, that is, if he/she would be qualified to carry out the action that you expect from them (buy, subscribe, etc.)

It is very important that your visitors find what they have searched on your website. Although you can use a variety of tricks to get a user to visit your website, if you cheat and they do not find what they need, or the content does not meet their expectations, visitors will leave immediately.

If a user leaves immediately after arriving (“bounces” towards the results) Google will conclude that your page does not correspond to the key phrase you are promoting and your positioning will downgrade.

It is relatively easy to get a list of keywords, but you must make sure that you are choosing the most suitable keywords for your specific website.

Choosing the most appropriate keywords to attract the right visitors is one of the best guarantees for the future of your website or your online business.

Types of Keyword Generators

The most recommended automatic keyword generator is our very own Keyword Mixer. This tool guarantees the best mix of keywords for more accurate results. Synapse Ads offers you this tool in order to shield your business from wrong keywords that might not work.

The tool takes the most accurate keywords and combines them in order to mix and match with what is being most searched by people. This way, you can be sure to know that the correct audience will be driven to your site.

In Synapse Ads we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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