Find out what is a keyword generator and how to use it

Keyword Generator

You may have heard that one of the ways to attract the correct audience to your website is using the correct set of keywords. In order to know the keywords that will best match your commercial interest, there are tools such as a keyword generator that will help you find the most adequate keywords to use.

What is a keyword generator?

There are several keyword generator tools on the Internet that are useful for these types of exercises. As we mentioned in one of our articles, Google Ads allows you to have access to the keyword planner tool. In order to have access to this tool, you will need an AdWords account and it will allow you to use the tool. It is useful when it comes to defining the appropriate content for your web. A keyword generator planner is a tool that can be used once you have generated and defined the keywords that you will use.

Set your Marketing Strategy

In order to obtain the most out of your chosen keyword generator, you will need to be clear on your business goal. It is important that you define your commercial goal when it comes to using these types of tools. Once you have a clear marketing strategy for your business then the keyword generator will pull the most relevant keywords that will benefit the traffic on your site.

Using the correct keywords is key for you to attract the correct audience. You don’t want to drive negative traffic to your site, in other words, an audience that is misdirected and not interested in your products. This also applies with the use of keywords that will make people think that your business is about selling cupcakes, for instance, and not about cooking, is that’s your goal. So for this reason, remember to always relate the keyword directly to the context of the business.

There are paid and free keyword generators out there. It is important to know that there are good free keyword generator tools, you don’t necessarily need to pay for one, then again, there are features that you may be able to use with a paid keyword generator. It’s all about finding the one that works best for you.

At the time of writing the content for your site, you should take advantage of your creativity. It is important that you take into consideration that the more creative your brain gets, the more keywords you may integrate into your text. Again, always remember to write with the correct keywords that correspond to the business in order to attract the right audience.

Synapse Ads offers a great keyword mixer tool to help you create these types of keywords. It is a friendly tool that can be used in three easy steps:

1.     Create a Google Account

2.     Write the main keywords (this will allow the tool to start mixing and matching with other related keywords)

3.     Save the keyword combinations

This tool will allow you to improve the Quality Score and CPC of your campaigns. The tool will help you create the keywords that will reach out to the specific target audience for your business. By allowing this tool to work for your business will bolster up your digital marketing strategy for better results.


There are keyword generators that will have many tools within. One of them is CPC (Cost Per Click) estimate. This is important when it comes to analyzing what type of keyword will generate the most cost effective return of investment for you. Several of those tools have filters and you can check the keyword generator analysis by volume as well.

Keyword generator tools may pull up to thousands of results, it is important that you know how to filter this information. Once you have set your marketing strategy, you will be able to categorize and choose the type of keywords that will best describe your business purpose and adapt into your contents.

Keep in mind

Always be clear on your goals, your marketing strategy and the purpose of your business. These keyword generator tools will boost your ranking and attract the correct audience to your site as long as you follow these tips and take advantage of the support that these tools have for you and your commercial interest.

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