How does Google Shopping work?

The competition within business owners became very popular, especially in this platform. When it comes to learning how does Google Shopping work, it is important to know what it is, how it works and what are the benefits this platform brings to your business. 

Google launched the Google Shopping platform in 2011. The start of the company targeting shoppers has even more value to the consumer experience. 

In the end, for the consumer, it not only improve by comparing and analyzing products in Google’s search results but also by the competition to improve resources and attract more clicks from the audience. 

Our focus here is Google Shopping. Therefore, you will understand more about the purpose and advantages of this platform below.

First thing’s first: What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is basically a virtual showcase of products from registered stores. It’s like going shopping online

It is directly linked to Google, that is, depending on your search, the products from the platform will show up in the sponsored search results.  

In addition to that, Google Shopping also has its own page. There, people can search for products according to category, specific brand or use the search bar to make a more specific search.

How does Google Shopping work? 

On the side of the page, consumers can specify their searches according to the price, brands, technical characteristics of products and stores. 

Advertisers who want to see their products being exposed in those spaces must pay Google. 

To sign up, you’ll need to create an account in Google Merchant Center and integrate it into your Google ads record. In fact, it is through Google ads itself that you configure your campaign and establish the amounts, bids, and budget. 

It is important that in the development of a campaign, your ads have a detail description of the product. The determining variables are the attributes of the registered products.  Therefore, by having more detailed information about the products provided by Google Shopping, the search engine will achieve a closer match with the searches made by the customer.

Benefits of Google Shopping for your company

  1.   Greater traffic in the virtual store

As the Google Shopping results are the first to be displayed in the search network, it is natural that they attract more interest from the public. 

The CTR tends to be higher than the text ads. Users have access, at first glance, to the data with prices and images of the product, two of the most important factors when choosing what to click and buy. 

  1.     Better qualified leads

 People who search for a product on Google and analyze the options that the Google Shopping platform promotes is likely because they are familiar with advanced practices of the sales funnel. 

In this phase, they need little information to continue with the intention to buy.  For instance, the consumer who searches for “digital camera” has, at least, a purchase interest. By having access to the price, photo, shop, fees and even the reviews of other clients, they can decide if the product meets their expectations (or not).

  1.     More conversions

The sales will be higher because the visitors that arrive to your store, through Google Shopping, will be at an even more advanced stage compared to when they started the search a few seconds or minutes before.

That happens because the user already filtered and considered the details of the product. Therefore, the consumer will be much closer to changing that desire into a purchase.

Only the most typical features of the online store, such as the usability of the site, the means of payment and the steps of the checkout can hinder the acquisition of new customers. 

  1.     More presence

One of the coolest things about Google Shopping is that your ads can share the space with the sponsored links of your company.  

If the two campaigns were relevant, with adjusted offers and well-defined configurations, the ads could appear at the same time. Therefore, the site would gain more exposure and attract a greater number of clicks.

  1.     Detailed monitoring of your products

Another good resource of Google Shopping is the reports of performance analysis 

These are so efficient and detailed that they can show, for example, the product categories, the technical characteristics or the brands that generate the most clicks and conversions.  

All the parameters of attribution of the products also serve as a category of analysis.  In addition to that, it is possible to gather information about the performance of the competition to perform market comparisons.  

From this analysis, groups composed of only products that convert more can be created.  That optimizes your investment since a greater value of offer would be destined to the products that generate high profitability for your business.  

Google Shopping emerged as an interesting alternative for both consumers and businesses. For users, comparing prices and searching for products is easier.  For advertisers, it is a great opportunity to promote their offers in Google results.  

If you still doubt the efficiency of the platform, just do a product search and see how many other stores and companies are already announcing their offers.  

In Synapse Ads we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We also offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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