10 tools that make a successful PPC campaign

Are you trying to increase your marketing techniques to obtain better positioning on Google? One of the best ways to achieve this is by using PPC web tools that allow users to maintain their ranking on their website. Now, we will introduce you to 9 tools for a successful PPC campaign.

  1. Google

This particular search engine has different tools created to improve the optimization of your page. The most used tools are Google Ads Editor, Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer, among others. These allow the user to measure the ranking, visibility, number of visits, etc.

When it comes to SEO, the Google Keyword Research tool helps you collect the best keywords while you develop content for your website or blog. Google Analytics provides information about website traffic and how the audience browses the website or blog.

Google Ads is a Google PPC product, which helps you test keyword alternatives by using PPC, which tells you which keyword is most important in the Google search engine. There are also many other tools developed by Google that are useful for almost all digital marketing techniques.

  1. Spyfu

It provides a competitive approach to keyword research and analysis. It also helps identify when and where your marketing strategy might be failing, especially by providing lists of keywords that are new and have been updated recently. This will improve your PPC campaign.

  1. BuzzSumo

It allows you to test the search and domain of the competitor for the most shared content, allowing you to find it and filter it according to the traffic and shared resources that were obtained. In addition, it provides alerts of specific updates, helps you find the list of shared resources and allows you to verify who is using that content.

  1. Word Tracker

One of the most beneficial PPC tools is Word Tracker, which generates misspellings and offers a variety of keyword-oriented options. It helps you find the relevant keywords that are necessary to create good content for your PPC campaign and ranks your website in the top positions.

  1. Campaign Watch

If you use Campaign Watch, it is the equivalent of having your main competitors report their marketing strategy first thing in the morning. At least, that’s how Campaign Watch markets its PPC campaign tool.

The use of this tool can help you track the visibility of your competitors, the new ads and the average position, as well as the landing page of your competition. You can even monitor your clicks, seasonal expenses, number of keywords and position.

  1. Similar Web

Similar Web provides solutions for marketing, sales, searches, and investors. It has an API (Application Programming Interface) integration and Similar Web Platforms that help you obtain the desired results through an appropriate selection of keywords, thus generating profits from different sources.

Also, you can find the most effective keywords, create new groups of keywords, track the performance of your competitors, optimize Landing Pages, expand GDN campaigns and optimize Ads.

  1. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal has a complete guide to the essentials of PPC campaigns, with more detailed and concise information on the fundamentals of PPC. The main objective of this clever tool to promote the marketing of your site by providing you with different Ad options.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a PPC tool that has a free version, as well as paid, that can help you a lot with your keyword search and competition. It has a comprehensive tool that will allow you to see and analyze the ads of your competition, as well as discover how much they are spending on them. It should be noted that you can also check the keywords of your competition.

  1. iSpionage

iSpionage helps you evaluate other people’s ads and understand how keyword groups use ads and landing page. It is a payment tool, but it can give you all the details about PPC and the keywords that your competitors use.

  1. Synapse Ads

Synapse Ads offers you the Keyword Mixer tool. The selection and organization of keywords and ad groups are still crucial so this keyword mixer will allow you to quickly generate combinations based on your needs. Take into consideration that in order to use this friendly tool, you will need an active Google Ads account to enter and use it.

PPC is essentially a way to get visits to any website, instead of doing it organically. Search engine advertising is a popular method for PPC campaigns, so it is important to have different web tools to improve your profits and results. We are confident that the aforementioned information, along with other tips in our Synapse Ads blog, will help you in your next campaign.

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