Google retargeting ads tailored to your commercial benefit

First of all, let’s focus on what Google retargeting means. Retargeting in online marketing is a technique in which the objective is to re-impact users who have interacted with a website but have not made the action.

In an online store retargeting will be considered to entice users who have visited the store but for some reason did not buy anything at the moment neither return to complete the purchase process later.  There are several retargeting options depending on the selected strategy to communicate with the client.

High-quality custom retargeting

The goal of retargeting is to take advantage of the user consciousness previously developed to drive the conversion. If the content has not been delivered at the right time in the right device, if it is not convincing or personally relevant, the announcement will not be effective.

The big problem comes when the retargeting ads are persistent, too consistent, not intelligent, unattractive and not creative.  When media channels were more limited, creativity could differentiate a brand. Nowadays, advertisements must be more relevant to the consumer.

Ads that reflect part of the users’ daily lives with which they feel so identified as to click on them.  Leveraging data-driven insights and taking into account the points at which customers can reach saturation and blocking ads, marketing specialists have to create tailored customer retargeting.

Marketing specialists are prepared to ensure that the people they want to reach see relevant, valuable and interesting content for them. Only this way will they be receptive.

Email retargeting

If a user accesses an online store and registers or logs in, e-commerce must be able to capture the products added in the shopping cart by the user, even if they are not purchased. This way the online store will have all the necessary information to design a posted email aimed at recovering the sale.

This technique can be applied by programming the functionality in the engine of the online store if it is custom development, acquiring a module or plugin if you are using an open source manager or hiring the service from someone else.

Another cheaper option to start testing email retargeting is that the person in charge of the management of the online store sends these emails manually. It can serve to verify its effectiveness.

Remarketing with Google Ads

Google offers the possibility of retargeting through display campaigns and search of sponsored ads. These are the so-called remarketing campaigns. In this case, it is not necessary to know the user’s email. Google installs a cookie in the user’s browser to protect the anonymity.

The administrator of e-commerce will never know the data of users registered by Google in their remarketing lists. Google allows you to create lists based on the pages you have visited or steps you have taken to launch specific commercial actions. This way you can design different actions depending on the behavior of your potential customers.

When a user with one of the cookies of the online store navigates through the Google display network, the platform shows the user ads specially designed to take them back to the online store and recover the sale.

Remarketing campaigns have a lower CPC than a conventional display campaign and their CTR is usually higher so it is a highly recommended option if you invest in Google Ads.

In addition, if you set up Google Merchants Platform properly, it will show the user the tailored ads with the same products they visited in the online store, increasing its effectiveness. The online store platform must generate a data feed with information about the products and send them to Google.

This technique can be harmful if the ads are shown too many times to the clients, to avoid this from the control panel of Google Ads it is possible to configure the number of days and the frequency of daily publication so that the ads of the online store are friendlier to the user.

For Google retargeting, it’s important to keep in mind that when dealing with users who have almost closed the purchase, the tactic of offering a promotional discount to the users that we achieved with retargeting is usually very effective.

In Synapse Ads we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We also offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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