How to become a Google Ads expert

As a business owner, you must be interested in knowing how to grow your digital marketing campaign. It is also important to keep in mind the challenges that this entitles and where to look. In order to learn how to become a Google ads expert, we first need to know what Google ads encompass. We will guide you through the steps from the beginning.

How does Google Ads work?

In 2000, Google stopped being a search engine without advertising to become one of the most successful sites for companies to promote themselves. With the launch of the Google Ads method, the search engine begins to show advertising and ads agencies start working on managing the program. 

Google ads base its operation on user searches on Google. Ads will be shown when keywords that were previously included in the advertiser’s campaign are activated.

 This data already indicates that the probability of being successful with a Google Ads campaign is greater than working with other methods since users are showing a prior interest. It is a direct advertising method aimed at the target user, it is about offering what you are looking for in an effective way.

Why Google Ads?

With Google ads you can earn brand image and great visibility, as the ads are displayed at the top of the Google results page, ranking above the options with good SEO positioning. 

It is not necessary to perform SEO tasks, from the first moment Google Ads gives us the best position on the page. Unlike natural positioning or SEO, the positioning provided by Google Ads is automatic.

As low as the investment might be, if the campaign is run by an Ads agency that knows how to manage it well, you can achieve profitability.  In general, as you have seen so far you can assume that it is a very positive advertising method if you are an Ads expert or if your campaign is run by an agency.

The positive performance that can be obtained with these campaigns may be great as long as you know the steps to be done.

Become a Google Ads expert

The Google ads tool provides a lot of information that allows you to optimize your campaigns. By accurately interpreting the data available, you can improve the campaign continuously. This data collection can be used to draw conclusions from the first month, which is when the numbers start to be representative, but the campaigns can be reviewed daily.

Effective ad scheduling

When you have the first campaign data, the Google ads expert can draw their own conclusions about how the ads work in terms of exposure.

Agencies find defined patterns of user behavior. When certain time slots or certain days of the week where most of the clicks or conversions are focused, it is necessary to modify the programming of the announcements in order to achieve a better ad performance. This is very effective if you have a tight budget.

If the conversions are triggered at certain times of the day, it is not advisable to expose oneself to running out of budget at such profitable times, which is why it is essential to optimize campaigns in terms of user habits. An expert can draw such conclusions about the need to schedule ads if data is available for at least a month, doing so beforehand would be a bit hasty unless the data trend is marked consistently for a couple of weeks.

Use the reports

In the Reports section, on you can extract very valuable information for the optimization of campaigns. The Ads expert can know the behavior of different variables that will make you adapt the campaign in the right direction. You can choose in which way to see the data of the variables requested as they are displayed in a very visual way that greatly simplifies the decision making for the campaigns to Ads agencies.

You will be able to redistribute the budget according to the campaign that is obtaining the most conversion rate to maximize the performance of what works.

 In Synapse Ads we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We also offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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