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Thorough knowledge of customers is fundamental for your Google Ads strategy. Based on the information they provide, you can establish objectives, design strategies and execute campaigns. This process must be continuous and periodic, in order to obtain constant insights that benefit the company.

 For the Google ads strategy, there is a new technique based on the behavior of users that can be very beneficial. It implies reversing the way in which the announcements are made and begin to work with them in relation to insights that the company should already have. In this case, the performance of the landing pages will be evaluated to develop notices in accordance with the most successful ones, unlike the reversed process that usually takes place.

 It is important that the creative development and performance teams work together to launch both landing pages and attractive ads starting from the copy, design and Google ads strategy behind them.

 What is it about? 

Advertising copy in Google Ads is essential to ensure your success. In relation to these texts landing pages, chords are generated to close the conversion. However, the proposal of this technique is to generate warnings based on landing pages that already exist and have good performance. By doing this, existing insights are used to create more effective campaigns. 

 To create this process and transform the Google ads strategy, you need to thoroughly analyze each successful page (why does it work? What differentiates it from others? What do prospects look for here?) and then generate appropriate notices. In this case, instead of guessing what will attract people, a copy will be created online with what they are interested in.

 The proposal then has to do with reviewing the website and discovering the landing sites that are already converting. Investigating which messages generate more movement within your users will be of invaluable insight.

 First step: analyze your website

 For any type of Google ads strategy, not only do you need to look at prospects, customers, and competitors but analyzing your own situation will also be beneficial. Google Analytics is the ideal tool to do this research and if you do not use it, you should start doing it. Its free version is used by thousands of companies around the world and is an invaluable source of important material to make wise digital marketing decisions

 In Analytics you can examine which pages people visited on your site before converting. This data serves to understand what existing messages have already worked. If you have a Google strategy with the same goals you can then take this information to create ads related to these landing pages. You can take into account the text that was used, who the users were, what differentiates this space on your website from others, in which part of the shopping funnel it is located and more. The answers to these questions will give you valuable insights.

 Second step: create ads according to insights

 The next step in your Google ads strategy is to design ads with this information in mind. The first thing you should consider is that the goal is not for users to click on the ads, but to convert. So, with the information you have, you can keep only one landing but work with different types of notices. Based on the investigation of the previous point, you must identify the ones that work best and work in relation to them. 

 With this technique, you will consolidate your experience in ads so that there is more cohesion between these two moments. You will forget the click-through-rate (CTR) and the only thing that will matter is the conversion rate, which will be influenced by the copy and the message of your ads. In short, it’s like an A / B test based on valuable insights.

 Keep in mind

 In any Google ads strategy, each element plays a fundamental role. The copy is a key point since you must deliver the message in the most attractive way possible. Now, if you already have a landing space that works and converts, why not use it as a starting point for your Google ads? It is a valuable insight that will work as a basis for all your efforts on this platform.

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