Google adds more text for Call-Only ads

Google is updating call-only ads with the option to add up to two headings and more text in the description. The update will allow the creation of advertisements with two headings of 30 characters each. The description is also being increased from 80 characters to 90 characters.

People often prefer to talk directly to someone in the business before buying a product or service. Call-only ads allow people to call from mobile search results to quickly get the answers they need.

To ensure that your customers are informed about where they are calling, take full advantage of the lines located in the description section to provide details about your business.

In order to have a faster call to action, the name of the business should be at the beginning of the ad’s description for customers to find it quicker. This gives advertisers more space in the header area to do the call-to-action, as shown in the following example:

Google reminds advertisers to be clear about the business’ purpose and what it offers because transparency is the key principle of advertising policies for Call-Only Ads or Google-only call ads.


This Google Ads tool has a call reporting option on the search network. It allows you to use Google forwarding numbers or GFNs to measure the performance of your ad. You will be able to check the details of your calls once you turn on this feature and follow up if necessary.

The types of calls that are performed using GFNs should be part of your reporting as well. You will be able to set the minimum required duration of the call and follow through.

Another feature is adding extensions to your line. This option can widen your ad to add more information in order to obtain more visibility. You are allowed to incorporate location services so that your potential customers can see where you are.

Other ways to optimize your call-only ads is by setting up a schedule. Nowadays people are looking for personalized customer services, this is why we recommend not using an automated system to take your calls. People are usually looking for someone who they can explain their problem and try to solve it.

Your investment is important

Remember to structure your budget with a decent amount of money that will be able to sustain for any future losses that might happen. We are positive that by handling it correctly, you will obtain a good amount on ROI. However, keep in mind that every phone call needs to be answered since you are paying for each one of them. An unanswered call means a waste of money.

Keep in mind that in order to obtain successful results you should create a good call-only ad. One of the ways to do this is by using the right keywords on your ads’ text. This will help you out by positioning your company and driving the right searches to your ad.

If you need to create the best keyword combinations for Google’s Call-Only Ads campaigns remember that we have the perfect tool for you: Synapse Ads Keyword Mixer. You can also pass by our blog in Synapse Ads and check out more information about Google Ads’ features.

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