How can I post my ad on Google

In order to figure out if your ads will work or not, you need to ask yourself the question: how can I post my ad on Google?. Beforehand, you need to have a specific goal, otherwise, your strategy might not work. Thus, before starting a campaign to buy advertising on Google, it is important to know where the business is and what we want to achieve.

Buying advertising on Google is easy and fast, but it is necessary to carry out a digital marketing strategy that controls the entire process. In addition to getting clicks or visits, advertisers bring users closer. But what to do with them?

Your digital marketing strategy will help you set priorities and know when, how much and how to invest. Thus, you can focus on converting leads into customers or on building user loyalty through newsletters, among other options.

In the turmoil of the Internet, it is important to look for a gap in order to be able to stand out and be taken into account by the audience. There are hundreds of companies that are dedicated to the same industry, so you need to gain visibility to stand out from the competition and capture a significant market share to stay afloat.

When the project does not have an organic positioning behind it, you can bet on a SEM campaign to start moving the website and, therefore, generating conversions.

On the other hand, we find that society is changing its purchase habits. With the progress of new technologies, it is normal that new consumption habits are being introduced within our society. This causes companies to change their vision and strategy when it comes to attracting customers.

The traditional advertising that is focused on billboards, press, posters, brochures, etc, ended up driving the audience away from shopping or actually looking at the ads. With the rise of the digital environment, Google advertising emerged as a means to capture the attention of those subjects who had a special interest in something specific.

This is the key to knowing how to advertise on Google: clearly identify the objectives pursued by the company and the search and interests of potential customers. 

There is a tendency to think that advertising on Google is equivalent to posting an ad on some website that allows you to publish free ads, but in reality, Google Ads has great potential. At first, it may seem complicated, but we will show you how to do it step by step.

How to create my ad

It is the most common and most effective way for those who wonder how to advertise on Google. Through the AdWords program, the search engine allows a company to reach the users who perform a particular search.

In addition to enjoying the automatic selection of the target, another advantage of advertising on Google is that the investment needed does not have to be very high. Google Ads is a budget-friendly advertising system that only charges when there is an interaction with the ad and after it receives a click (PPC or Pay Per Click advertising). This indicates that the user already has a purchase intention, and you have to pay for that click, but the odds of closing a conversion are higher.

Within the Google Ads tool we find that different types of campaigns can be carried out. Depending on the objectives that have been set at the beginning of the campaign, you can play with several possibilities that the tool has and get excellent results.

How to post my ad in the Google Search Network

Google Ads in the Search Network are text ads that are displayed when a user has an interest in a certain term in the search engine. This type of campaigns are the most effective when you are looking to sell a product due to the high interest shown by an active user.

For a campaign of this type to be fully operational, it has to be optimized from time to time. The ideal thing is to let a certain amount of time pass by in order to have a good amount of representative data. This will allows us to draw conclusions in a solid way based on the actual behavior of the user.

Performing tasks such as the analysis of the search terms used by users and the performance of the ads themselves or negative terminology make this a simple and effective method of how to advertise on Google after a certain period of filming. It seems simple, but in addition to some knowledge, it is necessary to have a great analytical capacity to draw the right conclusions.

Posting my ad in the Display Network

If the company’s objectives are to promote branding, advertise a new product or a very innovative service that no one is going to look for or that no one is considering buying over the Internet, the Display Network is the ideal type of SEM campaign. It is also very useful if we are dealing with a lot of competition because the Display will increase the possibilities of conversion at a lower cost more than the Search Network.

Display ads are based on seeking the impact of these passive users. The purpose of these ads is to look for the right audience by using the best images of the product or being creative in order to capture the attention of the user. In this type of campaign, there is no previous interest from people, so it seeks to impact through ads that capture attention with their creativity or a groundbreaking text.  

Posting an ad using Remarketing

Within the Display Network, we find Remarketing, which is responsible for impacting those users who have previously accessed the website and are more likely to have an interest in the products and services.

Through visual ads – there are also text ads, but with more limited effectiveness – it acts as a reminder so that the company or product remains positioned in the minds of visitors. When talking about how to advertise on Google using remarketing, it is important to highlight that it is still an effective way to close the conversions that have not yet reach results. The conversion rate shows the user’s previous interest.

In order to keep these impacts focused and increase their effectiveness, segmented lists are created from the audience that has visited the website according to the criteria of interest. For instance, visitors that have seen more than two pages, those who have left the purchase in the cart without finishing or the ones that did not finish sending the completed form.

Remember that in Synapse Ads we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We offer you the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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