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Google always goes beyond in its attempt to make highlight local positioning. With the launch of Google My Business, the company tries to structure the work and tools it has developed for corporations in social, local and search. What does that really mean? We will answer that question for you below, but first, let’s learn about the platform.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free and easy way to find and connect with your people, wherever you are. Let’s try to explain it as simple as possible:

  • It is a new platform where you can manage the visibility of your business on Google from one place. You can incorporate your searches, local businesses, and Google+ accounts.
  • It is a new unified Google interface designed to make life easier for local businesses as well as the brands found within Google.

What’s most important?

The most important features can be summarized as follows:

  • Able easily update information about your business on Google.
  • Connect with customers and fans using social features (Google+).
  • Manage comments and reviews.
  • Use personalized knowledge’ to get a better idea of what your client wants.
  • It has an application for Android.

Who benefits the most?

The corporations that benefit the most from this tool are the newly launched small companies. Those businesses that want to know how much they are growing online and the volume of clicks that they have in the digital world. It is the simplest and easiest way to make yourself visible within web searches.

Is it only for local small businesses then?

Not really. It is very much aimed at local small businesses, but if you start creating a page you’ll see that you have a Business type, Service Type, and Brand as the main options.

Is Google My business going to make my life easier?

This tool can make your life easier because all the information in Google about your business will be consolidated in one place. They seem to have done a good job in streamlining all businesses’ information in one location. Things seem to be easier this way and as a business owner, you can have an overview of all your assets.

Does this mean that I will be more visible on Google?

Opening an account and creating a profile does not automatically mean that your business will be found quickly. You still have to work hard to be seen: optimize your profile, socialize using Google+, and have your own website.

Talk about the Updates!

Customer Location Map

Among the updates made by Google My Business so far is the customer map location, where search engines can ask for business addresses.

This new update allows companies to track those areas where customers request business addresses and show results at different zoom levels. You can see the total number of requests by city or neighborhood.

What is the main purpose of this new function? The answer is simple, to help small and large businesses, and to have better control of the areas where they can attract customers interested in their products. This way they can adjust their operations and marketing efforts appropriately.

Business descriptions in the local panel

Another recent update is a feature that allows business owners to add or modify descriptions that appear in the local dashboard in Google search results.

Users who use this feature can go to the “info” section of their Google My Business accounts. There they will be able to find this business section that can easily be edited.

It is important to note that descriptions can not exceed 750 characters, you can’t include URLs nor HTML codes.

Do I have to pay for Google My Business?

The more clicks your company gets, the higher the chances you will have to pay Google. Although it is free to start using it.

Can I not use it or ignore it?

Yes, you could ignore this functionality. You can focus on your own website, marketing and tasks without the tools help. But one look at the SERPS will show you how important (local) ads are in today’s searches. To be honest, it would be better to use it.

Do I need a website?

Yes, even though Google makes your profile appear in their searches, your website should be your starting point. Google My Business is an add-on that helps your website be exposed to potential visitors. 

Is it a problem to have several businesses?

Google lets you manage multiple locations from a single desktop. You can even update them together with new information. Therefore, owning several companies is not a problem at all.

How does it help me better understand my audience?

Google My Business offers a very similar vision as Google Analytics for your profile, both in Google+ and in the local versions. It tells information about how your profile is developing, and about what kind of followers you have based on metrics such as gender, age, and geographic distribution. It also shows the basic information it receives from your Facebook page, for example.

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