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In order to handle your PPC accounts and be successful, you will need the help of some PPC management tools to achieve it. These tools are designed to make tasks easier to manage. In the case of PPC accounts, a large number of them have been created to improve the companies online strategies.

You will be able to find the right tool that will help you get better results to optimize your accounts and achieve your goals. Thus you will save time and generate more money for your business. Also, they will give you important information about what’s going on in your account and will help you make the best decisions. 

Project Management Tools

Trello is a free tool. You can track your projects and personal tasks with it. Indeed, it organizes your information so that you can easily observe and analyze it.

FreedCamp is another free and quite complete PPC tool that can help you organize well and manage information.

BaseCamp you have to pay for it but you can use it for 30 days for free. In addition to helping you with project management, it includes features that make it easier to manage and organize tasks. For example, spreadsheets and collaborative documents are among the items it manages. It will reduce the usage of email, chat and calendar applications because it compiles everything in one.

Administration Tools for PPC Accounts

AdWords Editor is free and it will be of great help if you work on large campaigns in Google Ads. It is a very complete tool where you can make massive edits and optimizations.

Bing Ads Editor, although not free, is definitely the tool you should have if you use Bing Ads. It is a very good option to optimize the administration of your PPC Campaigns.

AdWords Performance Grader is an excellent free PPC tool for auditing your account. You will have a second opinion on the administration of your account and, perhaps, it will help you to detect areas that you want to optimize.

Excel can help, but it is more basic for your PPC strategies. You can use it to outline your campaign and generate reports with dynamic tables for data analysis, among many other things. It will also be useful to categorize your keywords. In addition, you can create a table to track your PPC Campaigns.

Tools to manage campaigns and bids

AdWords Scripts allows you to automate time-consuming tasks; checking landing pages, adjusting anomalies, or stopping an out-of-control campaign are tasks that are executed automatically. You must know programming to be able to use them, but some are already prepared so you just have to copy and paste into your account. 

Google Optimization Tools and Bing Optimization Tools are PPC tools you can rely on. However, remember to set your CPC limits, as appropriate, so the tools can help you correctly.

Adalysis is free for up to 14 days before deciding whether or not to buy it. It will definitely help you with the management of your PPC account. It automates account verifications and you’ll be able to test ads.

Optmyzr is only free for 15 days. Like Adalysis, it will help you automate your PPC account and perform easier tasks.

PPC Keyword Search Tools

Synapse Ads Keyword mixer is the perfect tool to help you find the most suitable keywords for your business. It allows you to look for the most searched keywords as well as to find the perfect words match to support your online marketing strategy.

The Google Keyword Scheduler is one of the free and must-haves. Supports your business needs and helps you find keywords that adapt to your strategy.

The Bing Keyword Scheduler is also free and a perfect match if you work with Bing.

Google Search Console + Google Analytics is a place where you can get a lot of organic queries. Although Google Analytics can provide limited organic search data, the real value comes from analyzing your searches on the site.

Everywhere keywords are free and easy to set up, as it is an extension of Chrome. By installing it, you will be able to see the volume and the competition in the search bar.

Ubersuggest is another free tool that will help you find long-tail keywords. The tool searches for the words that users add to the keyword.

Tools for data analysis

Google Analytics is one of the basic tools you should use. Although it’s free, a fuller paid version is available, but it’s for large companies. With Google Analytics, you’ll get all the information you need to track the effectiveness of your PPC Campaigns. You will also get information about your website’s performance.

Twitter Analytics is for you if your company has an active Twitter account. It is free and will provide you with information about the activities that users do when they see your tweets.

We hope that all these tools will help you improve the management of your PPC and Google AdWords accounts. We encourage you to pass by Synapse Ads where we guide you on how to use these types of tools. 

Remember that we offer the keyword mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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