Google Marketing Live 2019

It has become a tradition for Google to host ‘Google Marketing Live’ and May is the month chosen for 2019. Every year, Google uses this event as an opportunity to announce their upcoming innovative marketing ideas. Last year, the company launched YouTube leads ads, larger responsive search ads, and smart campaigns.

Google Marketing Live offers a great chance for attendees to learn more about strategic issues and a variety of practices in the industry. This is also an opportunity for Google to present the latest innovation and advertising products as well as analysis and digital platforms.

Our team in Synapse Ads had the opportunity to attend this prestigious event. We were present in different workshops and conferences that Google held. The amazing products that are upcoming in 2019 have us mesmerized and we want to share it with you.

About the products

One of the amazing products announced in Google Marketing Live that will be launched this year is the Discovery Campaigns. This is a new type of campaign that allows advertisers to use more visual formats and easy mobile navigation. It has the possibility of reaching out to people on different platforms, including YouTube, Gmail, and Discover in the Google app.

For the first time, advertisers will be able to manage their presence on all of these platforms from a single campaign. Starting from a set of creative pieces and using machine learning, Discovery Campaigns will show the best advertisement and in a native format on each platform. This tool will be available to all advertisers globally in the coming months.

Gallery ads is a new visual format that will show on the search results page and combines the intention of the users with a synergistic format. This tool will allow advertisers to highlight the value of their brand and simplify users’ access to information about a product. Gallery Ads, allows people to swipe a visual ad that is displayed at the top of the search results page, and by touching it, a scrollable image gallery will open, with a title and text below each image. It will be released in beta format in the coming months.

Bumper Machine is a tool that generates six-second videos for YouTube from a base video thanks to Machine Learning. The tool identifies well-structured moments from a YouTube video base and, in a matter of minutes, automatically generates between three and four variations of Bumper Ads (6-second non-skippable ads). Ideal for small and medium businesses.

Local ads are ideal for businesses that focus their activities in physical locations (stores, restaurants, etc.). This sponsored ad solution in Google Maps will now expand to more advertisers and be available globally to help more businesses focus on calls or traffic to their establishments and make offer announcements or promote their businesses. The new version will include: new formats in Google Maps (now the promoted pins can appear in the planning and navigation of routes); Product-centric ads: advertisers can promote a selection of products in local formats, including ads in the local catalog; Optimization of local actions: allows you to direct actions such as calls from the web and click on their links.

Another interesting fact is the launch of Deep Linking technology. Applications play a significant role in the journey of the consumer throughout the web. This solution seeks to simplify the process to configure deep linking (direct links) between apps and websites.

Leading success

Overall, Google Marketing Live was a successful event where our founders and managers in Synapse Ads had the opportunity to attend and be part of the innovation. We hope to take advantage of these tools in the near future to grow and give a unique and innovate customer service to our customers throughout the region.

Being close to Google with its advanced releases, allows us to come up with new tools that support agencies and companies around the world to automate processes, optimize their operations and improve their performance in digital marketing.


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