Bing Shopping vs. Google Shopping: which one works best?

It is clear that Google is the main search engine in most countries, but there is also another one known worldwide, that is Bing. So when it comes to campaigns and ads, what is the difference between Bing Shopping vs. Google Shopping?. We will show you the main differences between the two advertising platforms, so you can launch a strategy and impact new users.

If you want to advertise your products in other countries where the difference of users between Google Ads and Bing Ads is lower, then you should take this into account when it comes to your Digital Marketing Strategy.

In general, Bing Ads works in a similar way to Google Adwords by choosing keywords that will activate some text ads through an auction system between advertisers. Also, Bing has a feature that allows you to import your campaigns directly from Google Adwords to the Bing platform.

However, there are important differences to take into account, which will help you improve the performance of campaigns.

Bing characteristics 

  • Image extensions: attract more relevant traffic through images of your products or services and be more competitive, providing great visibility. Additionally, there is the possibility of configuring the extension in all markets, except China.
  • Call extension: gives the possibility to add a Skype icon next to the phone numbers, so that the user can call from any device.
  • Action extension: consists of the integration of a configurable button with different CTAs (Call, Purchase, Installation, Car rental, Booking or See more information).
  • Video extension: allows you to show your products or services in a very modern way and generates more engagement with the user (it is very similar to the extensions of images).
  • Extension offer / Extension price: these are two new gadgets that they have launched this year (and that we already know thanks to Google), that show up to three products or services at one time.

Differences between Bing Shopping vs. Google Shopping ads

  1. Visibility

The first difference might be obvious but it is worth pointing it out. If you advertise in Google ads, they will be shown in Google search and search partners like 

On the other hand, if you advertise in Bing Ads, your ads will appear in Bing and Yahoo. This means that if we advertise on both platforms, we will be reaching more than 90% of the market share. Isn’t that interesting?.

  1. Positioning

A high rate of users click on the first results shown. It is for this reason that Bing has a clear advantage over Google ads. While Google eliminated the ads on the right side of the results page a few months ago, Bing continues to maintain this location. 

It is an advantage given that Bing keeps the ads at the top of the search results page, plus many others on the right, all before displaying the first organic result.

  1. Lower CPCs

Many advertisers do not consider the option to advertise in Bing because of the lower number of users compared to Google ads, so there is much less advertiser competition bidding on keywords. This translates directly into lower CPCs in Bing. 

This means that if we have a well-worked and optimized campaign, we will be able to achieve much more attractive conversion costs.

  1. Ads format

After the implementation of the expanded text ads, it seemed that the standard ones were over. However, the two formats are coexisting and there is no sign that they will be eliminated yet. 

The main difference between Google ads and Bing ads in this aspect is that the standard text ads in Bing have a single descriptive line of 71 characters, instead of the 35 characters per line for two lines in Google ads.

Although the difference is tiny, take into consideration that there is limited character space when it comes to text in your ad.

  1. Negative Keywords

One of the biggest drawbacks when working with Bing may be the fact that you are not able to incorporate negative keywords in broad agreement. It only allows you to add negative keywords in phrases or exact matches. This seems like a trivial detail, but it is not, given that you must include all keyword variations, even synonyms to make sure you are not bidding for anything related to that term.

  1. Quality

Both platforms use a formula that considers the CTR, that is, the relevance of the ads, the text of the ads and the relevance of the landing page when it comes to defining the quality level of keywords. However, since the formula is not exactly the same, the Google ads and Bing ads quality level values ​​may not match.

In addition to working on the keywords to improve this level of quality, Bing offers a report that shows a history of the quality level.

  1. Monthly budget

One of the main advantages that Bing ads has against Google ads is the possibility of assigning monthly budgets.

Keep in mind that Bing will not manage the budget on a regular basis throughout the month, but the ads will be published continuously until the entire budget is consumed. This operation is similar to the selection of quick publications in Google ads, which may mean that the assigned budget is consumed before the end of the month.

In Synapse Ads, we guide you on how to use these types of tools. We offer you the Keyword Mixer tool that will guarantee the success of your conversion optimization. Your commercial growth is our priority and we have all the information to help your business improve every day.

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