The best retargeting ads strategy

If you are in that phase in which you plan how to create the best retargeting ads, you should be opened to leave your comfort zone and reach a wider audience. Like you, many marketing managers are targeting this type of campaign.

If you wonder how to create the best retargeting ads, you should know that it is not only useful to reach a new audience. It will also help you build loyalty to users who have already interacted with your brand but have not completed the conversion you were proposing.

This behavior is very common. Keep in mind that many of the users do not make the purchase during the first visit. Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to get customers back to your website. 

Getting to meet all the requirements that the best retargeting ads needs are complicated. Even so, their benefits are such that it is worth spending time and effort. This is why we will show you the 5 ways to obtain the best retargeting ads strategies.

1. Landing Pages

 The first thing to know in order to create the best retargeting ads is to be clear about your objectives and know what you want to achieve with your digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind that the entire campaign will revolve around your objectives, so defining them properly is one of the most important steps. 

Imagine that you want to generate 20% more potential customers within a month. The best thing is that you decide to mark the users that have abandoned your landing pages that generate more leads. 

These could create the most powerful audience to increase your contacts in the short term. Therefore you must choose to label 3 specific landing pages. Or, put yourself in the place where your company needs to increase sales by 5%. You can decide to label your product landings that generate more sales.

2. Divide and Conquer

Do not treat all users in the same way. It is important to emphasize it!. You must segment your campaigns to get personal communications that fit the needs of each client. 

Factors such as the amount of time they spend on your website, how many pages they have seen, or how much time they spend in each of them will determine the path your campaign should follow.

 3. More focus and less frequency

 You know that a user is more interested in your business and in certain products when they visit landings continuously. This includes the traffic that is generated with abandoned carts and leads generation pages such as ebooks or webinars. 

One tip to follow is that as soon as they leave you, remind them of those products or services with which they have most interacted. They will be the ones that have generated the most interest in them. So they will act as a hook to make them convert. 

You will have to adjust your retargeting strategy to focus on your most powerful traffic. The interesting thing is that you focus your investment there and decrease the frequency coverage.

4. Focus your campaign on valuable content

If your website receives a high volume of traffic, your business can use less intrusive techniques and bet more on other ways that generate engagement. That is, instead of using a retargeting campaign to get sales you can use it to increase clicks on landing pages that provide different content.

 We know that your ultimate goal is to capture leads and generate sales. Thanks to this you will get to pay for these advertising campaigns. However, by driving your users to “free” pages, where you do not focus on a specific product, you will build a stronger brand image.

5. Set a frequency limit

 Even if the user is really interested in your product you can make them hate it. That’s why this matter is so delicate. And retargeting, in addition to having great advantages, can also play tricks on you. 

 The frequency limits will allow you to set a fixed limit on the number of times a specific ad will appear to each user. This frequency should be marked based on your objectives. 

 Keep in mind that depending on the stage in which the user is within the purchase cycle, it will be convenient to use one frequency or another. However, it is generally recommended that each user be exposed to 17-20 ads per month max.

6. Experiment

While the frequency limits are intended to regulate the number of impressions visitor experiences during a certain period of time, the duration of the campaign is focused on how long each cookie will last. 

 When you set a duration for your campaign, you are basically creating a signal to end the cookie when the time is set. It will be then when the users will no longer receive more impacts.

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