Familiarizing with the different types of Google Display Ads

To start advertising with Google Ads, the best way to begin is to create a campaign. The types of Google Display Ads chosen should be based on your advertising goals. For instance, if you want to show ads on Google so that your website has more visitors, you must choose a campaign from the Search Network.

Each advertising network has different types of campaigns adapted to its objectives.

In Google Ads there are different types of advertising, today we are going to explain all the formats that you have at your disposal.

Types of Google Display Ads

Text ads (Search Network)

It is the simplest form of ads in Google and it shows up just like any regular search result (title, URL and meta description), to differentiate from natural positions, it has a green label, with the word “ad”.

Image Ads

This type of ad, as the name indicates, carries images and graphics, making the announcement much more striking. The format where these ads are created is flash or gif.

Video Ads

These ads are the next step for image ads. They usually appear on YouTube videos or on the Google display network. This is a very visual form of ad, which is very attractive to the user.

Call-only Ads

These are a variable of text ads, the only difference is the possibility of adding the phone number of the company, this way the user can directly click on the number and reach the company. These ads are valid for devices that allow calls, such as smartphones and tablets.

Shopping Ads

A section of products created by Google called Shopping. In it we can add the products of our online store (including information, price, details and a photo of the product).

Application promotion Ads

These are ads that send the customer to the corresponding app store with their device (play store or app store) or a direct link to download it. This type of ad will only be visible on compatible devices with the application offered.

Customizable Ads

This type of ad is adapted to advertising spaces on different web pages. They can be text or image ads.

Choose an ad format

  1. Select the campaign and ad group where you want to create your new ad.
  2. Click on the Ads tab.
  3. Click on the + Advertisement button.
  4. Choose the ad format you want to create and follow the instructions specific to that format.
  5. Click Save ad.

After saving the new ad, it will appear in the Ads tab. However, ads may not be published until they are reviewed or approved, which may take seconds or days depending on the format.

Display ads for mobile devices

Mobile devices are available to users at any time and place. Because many new mobile devices are constantly being released, we do not have a complete list of all of them. However, these are some of the usual types:

Mobile phones

The term “mobile phones” generally refers to smartphones that have a smaller 7-inch screen. Keep in mind that in Google Ads, mobile phones are sometimes referred to as “mobile devices” or “mobile devices with full browsers”.


Tablets look like mobile phones and computers in many ways. However, unlike mobile phones, tablets usually have a screen of 7 inches or more, and their screens are also touched, unlike those of most computers. Keep in mind that in Google Ads, the term “mobile devices” is sometimes used to refer to mobile phones and tablets.


Wearables are devices that can be used to connect to the Internet anywhere, like smartwatches but are usually smaller than mobile phones. At this time, Google Ads does not show ads on devices that do not have a screen.

Each ad format has its own advantages. One of them is the low cost of posting text ads or the colorful stories of the videos. You can publish several types of ads from the same Google Ads account and, in some cases, from the same campaign.

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