What is display advertising and how does it benefit your commercial growth


The online world is becoming more profitable for business now that there is display advertising. Back in the day, we had to go out and look for signs on the street to see the latest trends and ask our neighbor to know about the newest businesses in our area. There is no need to do that any longer with the tools that Google Ads offers.

Business owners have the task to search online and check the competition and see what they are up to in regards to advertising and online positioning. Display advertising might sound logically accurate to some people but there is more context than what the phrase might give you.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising is one of the formats that Google Ads has to show your business’ campaigns to your audience. This way of advertising allows you to add images and use videos or other media to optimize your campaign. There are several size formats that banners come with, the one you choose depends on the type of campaign you will advertise.

These types of ads can be interactive as well. Have you ever stumbled upon a dynamic banner when you’re surfing through a page? This type of banner is one of the wide varieties of options that Google Ads offer. Keep in mind that it is always better to get to the point with these types of banners as we explained in a previous article.

Are they effective?

Less is more. We recommend to always keep it simple but concise. You need to capture your audience’s attention with an image, a word or a number that calls out to them. Your campaign has to be aligned with your ads and reflect in a few words or images what you want your audience to capture.

Mixing and matching are always recommended. Mix words with images and offer your audience a combination of things. Yes, images are great but sometimes adding an extra something that explains what you are offering can be helpful. Whether that something is words or numbers, remember to be precise so that the audience doesn’t get lost.

Keep track

Google Ads offers you the tools to optimize your campaigns. Once you’ve planned your campaign according to your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to track it down. You always need to know how much business your display advertising is returning to your investment.

There are two ways for measuring and verifying the success of your ads: by the number of impressions and clicks. The number of impressions will tell you the number of times your ad shows on a page that might be seen by a potential customer. The number of clicks will tell you how many times people are actually clicking on that ad.

Keeping track of how your ads are working is a good metric when it comes to measuring your campaigns. There are other options such as PPC (pay per click) advertising that will also give you the opportunity to achieve an ROI for the ads you publish. By measuring your campaigns you will be able to know if you are targeting the correct audience or whether you need to modify your digital marketing strategy and adapt it so that it brings more traffic to your website and your SEM improves.

Remember to pass by our blog in Synapse Ads to learn more about display advertising, PPC, SEM and other relevant subjects that will support your digital marketing strategy and improve your business positioning online.

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